Firstly, a very Happy New Year to all my fellow foodies!  I hope you will join me for another year of super tasty, healthy food.

I got today off to a good start with a rather tasty soup, you can rock this one out in a matter of minutes!!

Leek and Potato Soup


4 Leeks, white bits only, trimmed, washed and sliced

1 Onion, finely chopped

2 Medium Potatoes, peeled and finely diced

Glug of Rapeseed Oil

1.2litres Chicken or Vegetable Stock

Dash of White Wine

Bouquet Garni

Maldon Sea Salt and Black Pepper to taste

Dash of Milk or Cream

In a big pot, add the oil and heat.  Chuck in the onion and soften for about five minutes.

Now add the leeks and soften for another few minutes.

Add a Dash of White Wine and the bouquet garni.

Add the potato and the stock and cook for around 15 mins on a medium/low heat.

Add 100ml Milk and stir.

Remove bouquet garni and whizz!

How easy is that!



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