About Me!


Without food and fitness, I would not be me. Food, nutrition and the gym are at the core of everything I do.

My passion for food and nutrition started at the very early age, followed later by fitness.

I am a forty something Mum of three. After training as a nurse, I spent a number of years working in the pharmaceutical industry, selling into disease areas such as diabetes, mental health, pain and cardiovascular.

Following a bit of time out with my children, I had to have two hip replacements. Throughout all the years, I never was too far away from a gym. Even with my hip replacements, I was in the gym the day before surgery and four weeks after.

My drive to maintain health and fitness despite challenges was what drove me to retrain as a personal trainer.

However, training alone is not enough. Looking after your nutrition, is the kindest thing any human can do for themselves.

My intense love of food leaves me unable to eat boring steamed fish and vegetables. It is not a sustainable way to eat food. I have therefore spent a lifetime, supported by around 400 cookbooks, instilling flavour into healthy food.

This is a lifestyle, not a twelve week quick fix. I hereby invite you to join me by making it your journey and ultimately your lifestyle.




  1. Jennie, I know we need a catch up BUT – I also would love to you to give me 6 or 7 recipes for family dinners that I can freeze and Jon can take out and feed to the brood when I am working long days!!!!! hope you all really well?? xxxxxx ps you have my no. too!!!

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