About Me!


I would not say I had a passion for food and cooking.  It is more of an obsession! For years I have tortured my Mum, my sister, my husband and now my daughter by reading out recipes and asking what they think about food.

Time to stop torturing them and share my obsession with the world!

I love to eat out too, but  I like to be impressed!  Amazing food could actually make me cry!!

My name is Jennie,  I am a wife and a Mum.  I don’t do packets or tins (ok tomatoes, Borlotti and Cannellini beans aside.  Oh and a cheeky can of soup for un uber quick tasty kids meatballs!!) fresh with exceptional taste and flavour is at the core of my foodie beliefs.

If often go on cookathons, cooking up three things in one go.  Once you start chopping an onion,you may as well do a soup, a curry and a Bolognese! I like to use my cookbooks for inspiration but I rarely follow a recipe to the letter.  I rely on a bit of gut instinct and tasting throughout.

Cooking for four children and a husband all with their varying tastes remains a challenge.  However whether it takes me hours or a couple of minutes variety and flavour remains top of my agenda.

I hope you enjoy my rants and raves and perhaps some of my food passion will rub off on you!





  1. Jennie, I know we need a catch up BUT – I also would love to you to give me 6 or 7 recipes for family dinners that I can freeze and Jon can take out and feed to the brood when I am working long days!!!!! hope you all really well?? xxxxxx ps you have my no. too!!!

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