Blink of an Eye Chicken

Blink of an Eye Chicken 🐔🍗

Blink of an Eye Chicken

I keep this little baby up my sleeve for nights when I want something super healthy without any hassle. It is ideal for those week moments when you don’t have time or want any hassle!

The biggest bonus is it tastes totally lush.

For One

1 Chicken Fillet
Cajun Seasoning
Maldon Sea Salt
Black Pepper
Olive Oil

(A rolling pin and a large freezer bag!!)

Place the chicken breast in the freezer bag and bang it flat with a rolling pin. Not too flat or it will be paper thin and will tear.

Take it out of the bag carefully and transfer to a plate.

Season both sides well with Maldon sea salt, black pepper and Cajun seasoning.

Heat some olive oil in a frying pan.

When smokin’ hot add the chicken and cook for around 3 mins each side or until thoroughly cooked.

Serve with a tasty green salad…boom!


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