Method to my Madness

For me the key to successful scrummy meals be they breakfast, lunch or dinner is forward planning.  I can hear my sister yawn at this point, but it is the difference between a scrumptious dinner full of goodness and a takeaway! (Don’t get me wrong I have a day off and the glorious takeaway has its place!!)

Not only does planning ensure you make something amazing but it also saves you a fortune caused by supermarket wandering.  Those moments when you throw a bit of this into to trolley followed by a bit of that which makes very little and often significant proportions of sorry ingredients come to a sorry end!


So what do I do? I have a diary which is specifically for dinners and their associated ingredients.  I get a selection of my two hundred cook books out, peruse the pages until I have a week of dinners planned.  Beside each days dinner are the ingredients, and that is it.  No more thinking about what you have to cook every day!

You can take the diary approach, however, what I hope to provide is inspiration, which means those who shudder at the thought of trawling through Cook books won’t have to do the same tedious task.


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